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Kelly Bates, an Emmy award-winning journalist, and anchor at NBC 10 in Philadelphia, recently made a public plea to her supporters not to take out their anger on the station. It was bold in our society’s climate of heightened emotions and discord. Unfortunately, it is not a unique situation. Prominent journalists and news organizations are often the targets of public criticism or even threats. Bates’ plea exemplifies the importance of civility in discourse and the need for respect when discussing our differences.

Overview of the Issue 

Kelly Bates, a local politician in Rhode Island, recently made a public statement asking her supporters not to take out their anger on NBC 10 for airing a negative story about her. The story aired on May 22nd and painted a less-than-favorable view of Bates and her political campaign. Bates’ supporters, following her campaign closely, were furious and vocal about their displeasure with the story. 

Bates acknowledged their anger but asked that they not take out their frustrations on NBC 10, a local news station. She argued that the station had done its job in airing the story and that her supporters should instead direct their anger towards her, as she was ultimately responsible for the situation. Bates also urged her supporters to keep their focus on the upcoming election.

Kelly Bates’ Response

Kelly Bates, the founder of the online petition to keep NBC 10 in Philadelphia, responded to the news of the station’s closure with a plea for supporters not to take out their anger on station staff. Bates wrote, “I understand the anger that is being expressed by many in the wake of this announcement. We are all disappointed and heartbroken. 

However, I urge supporters not to take out their anger on the staff and news anchors at NBC 10.” She went on to commend the station for its dedicated service to the community, saying, “NBC 10 has served the Philadelphia area for over 50 years with news, sports, and entertainment

They have been a significant part of our lives for decades. Let us take a moment to thank them for their hard work and dedication.” This message of gratitude is in stark contrast to the negative backlash directed at the station in the wake of the news. Bates wants to ensure that the station’s legacy is remembered for its excellent work, not the anger its closure has caused. 

Implications of Taking Out Anger on NBC 10


The recent statement from Kelly Bates asking supporters not to take out their anger on NBC 10 has raised many questions about the implications of such an action. It is essential to consider the potential consequences of publicly expressing anger towards a major media outlet. Not only could such behavior be seen as unprofessional, but it could also have a long-term impact on the public’s perception of the cause. Furthermore, any repercussions experienced by NBC 10 could harm the coverage of the movement in the future, potentially leading to a lack of coverage or biased coverage. 

Ultimately, considering how one’s actions could affect the movement, not just the individual, is essential. By refraining from taking out their anger on NBC 10, supporters can help ensure that the movement is represented fairly and accurately in the media.

The Perspective of Kelly Bates

From Kelly Bates’s perspective, it is unacceptable to take out any anger on NBC 10 for their decision not to continue their broadcast of the Philadelphia Eagles games. Bates believes that while the decision may have disappointed fans, it was ultimately a business decision made by the network. She believes that the decision should be respected and that any frustration or anger should be directed at the NFL for its current stance on broadcasting rights. 

Bates also believes that this situation can be used to further educate fans on the issues the NFL is currently facing regarding broadcasting rights. She believes fans should be encouraged to contact the NFL and their representatives to express their concerns. In the end, Bates believes fans should take this opportunity to become more informed about the complexities involved in the broadcasting rights of the NFL.

Alternatives to Taking Out Anger

In the wake of the controversy surrounding Kelly Bates’ firing from NBC 10, Bates has urged her supporters not to take out their anger on the network. Instead, Bates has encouraged her fans to channel their energy into other, more constructive avenues. 

One alternative to taking out anger is to use social media as a platform for positive change. By creating a hashtag or writing an informative post, supporters can draw attention to the situation and let their voices be heard. Additionally, they can spread the message and encourage others to join in the fight for what is right. 

Another way to take action is to write a letter or email to NBC 10 expressing one’s thoughts and opinions. This can be done anonymously or with a name attached. The key is to be respectful and to provide constructive feedback. 

Lastly, Bates’ supporters can consider donating to a charity working on an issue related to the controversy. Such an action can help to further the cause and make a real difference in the world. 

At the end of the day, Bates’ fans have a variety of ways to express their support without taking out their anger on NBC 10. It is important to remember that taking the high road is always the best approach.


Kelly Bates’s message of asking the supporters not to take out their anger on NBC 10 is essential. At the same time, it is understandable that there may be frustration and anger towards the news outlet; taking it out on their staff and employees is not the way to go. Instead, it is essential to remember that everyone is on the same side and should work together to find a solution. Bates’s plea emphasizes the importance of using constructive communication and collaboration to address issues rather than taking out our anger on those we disagree with.

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